50 colourful, double-sided flashcards to teach reading and number skills.

These 50 simple flashcards help to aid early reading and counting, with a mixture of first words and numbers for children to learn. The activity can be made progressively harder as children develop - for example, first they will use the pictures to help them associate words and can slowly develop to sounding letters and reading the word on the back of the card. Flashcards include a wide variety of words, from simple three-letter words to more complex five-letter words.

The Orchard Toys flashcards feature a diverse range of topics, including animals, food, objects, clothing, plants and weather. Designed in the much-loved Orchard Toys style, the cards are eye-catching as well as being an extra large size - perfect for little hands!

Continue to develop a child's literacy skills with our First Words Colouring & Sticker Book. A 24-page colouring book with lots of words to trace and learn.


  • 50 cards
  • 1 instruction leaflet

Players 1+


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Reviewed by Kate on 08 August 2016

These flashcards have been great for teaching my 4 y/o reading and number skills. I can already see how much he has grown in confidence, perfect for preparing him for starting school.

  • Rating
  • 4

Wouldn't recommend

Reviewed by Shams on 05 April 2016

I didn't particular enjoy this product for the following reasons;

Inconsistent letters - I got 5 C's and 0 E's etc

Sharp edges - Not rounded off edges, it's just so basic given children will handle these

Thin Flashcards - And a bit too thin for my liking, to the extent where you could quite literally with a digital printer print your own at home

My honest review,
Cheers Shams

  • Rating
  • 1

Excellent for teaching children with Autism

Reviewed by Amanda Golden on 07 March 2016

Both my sons have Autism and we have always used Flashcards to help them learn to label, to help them with early literacy and numeracy skills too. I like that the illustrations on each card are simple but clear. It is so important for children with Autism that the Visual Tools they use to learn are clearly depicted. I cannot recommend highly enough.

  • Rating
  • 5

Slightly disappointed

Reviewed by Megan Mills on 28 January 2016

I thought these were brilliant in regards to the words they use, common every day easy words rather then some flash cards which has very odd words . My daughter of nearly 3 loved them and got alot out of them, very helpful that there was more than one word for each letter.

HOWEVER I was disappointed to learn that the game did not contain every letter from the alphabet missing out simple letter such as 'e' and 'g' and a few more , this does make it difficult for her to learn her alphabet if letters are missing.

  • Rating
  • 3


Reviewed by Jenna Parrington on 05 October 2015

We have been using these flashcards for months now and they have aided my son so much in his speech and recognition. They enable him to have fun whilst learning and this is just perfect.

  • Rating
  • 5

Bright & colourful flashcards

Reviewed by Ozioma on 12 May 2015

I truly loved these flashcards and so did my triplet boys aged two and a half. The colours are so bright, the pictures are well designed and I love the fact they are double-sided with words and no pictures on the reverse. ... the problem is that unfortunately most of the cards are now ripped into pieces or are easily folded in half and therefore totally creased.

  • Rating
  • 3

My little girl has loved these since 11 months old

Reviewed by KatieA on 06 October 2014

Brilliant, my LO is now 21 months and loves to tell me the name of each card. We place around 20 of them on the floor and ask her to select them, she absolutely loves the interaction and the praise when she gets these right. These are perfect !

  • Rating
  • 5


Reviewed by Carly Yeganeh on 21 May 2014

I have been looking at different flashcards for my daughter recently and these are the best I have come across. They are lovely and big and really clear and the way they have just the words on one side is great as it means she can use them for a fair few years.

  • Rating
  • 4

These helped my daughter learn to readÉ

Reviewed by Jane Hammett on 21 May 2014

I can't count the number of times these have been played with!! My daughter loved them and it's a great idea having pictures and text on one side and just text on the other. Helps with letter recognition. I'd recommend these.

  • Rating
  • 5
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