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Five Skills Your 2 Year Old Will Develop When Playing Educational Games

Skills Your 2 Year Old Will Develop


Five skills your 2-year-old will develop when playing educational games


Did you know that you can play board games with children from as young as two years old? Board games are a great way to have fun as a family and to help children learn. There are a number of additional benefits that come from playing games; they enhance a child’s natural curiosity and are a great opportunity to encourage subliminal learning. Here’s just a few skills that will benefit pre-schoolers!


  • Social skills
  • Concentration
  • Language development
  • Numeracy and Literacy Skills
  • Problem-solving


Social Skills

As they play, children will learn about sharing, turn-taking, following rules and even working as a team, amongst many other social skills. This is great preparation for nursery and school when they begin to interact with more children.

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Playing board games can encourage a child’s ability to focus and lengthen their attention span. The feeling of satisfaction felt when finishing, or even winning, a game will encourage children to see more things through to completion. This ability to focus will be particularly helpful once they start learning other skills including spelling and counting.

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Language Development

Children will pick up lots of new words and phrases when they are playing with an educational game, whether its subliminal or through game-based discussion. Adults could ask questions as the game is being played, encouraging children to point to and say out loud different features of the game.

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Numeracy and Literacy Skills

Most educational games will be underpinned by learning skills – this might include matching and memory, language and literacy or number and counting skills. If children associate learning with fun from a young age, they will come to love learning, something that will benefit them throughout their lives!

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Problem Solving

Board games are a great way to encourage problem-solving skills using real-life scenarios and activities - young children might not be thinking tactically, but they will subconsciously be developing problem-solving skills as they try to work out what to do to win the game.

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