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The Benefits of Using Colouring Books

The Benefits of Colouring Books


The Benefits of Colouring Books

Whether it's adding colour to the jungle or outer space or practising ABCs and 123s, the versatility of colouring books has made them a timeless source of fun. They’re great at home or on the move and are the perfect addition to any travel bag. But did you know that whilst children are working on their latest masterpiece, they’re also developing a broad range of skills?


  • Handwriting. Colouring helps children to develop fine motor skills. These skills will help them to develop the strength to grip a pen, which, in turn, will help when it comes to learning to write. If children are already familiar with holding and using a pen, learning to write will be much less daunting!


  • Spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. Picking up a pencil and putting it to paper whilst working within boundaries improves hand–eye co-ordination. Not only could this mean that children get fewer bumps and scrapes, it also prepares them for playing sport or learning to play an instrument when they’re older.


  • Confidence and self-esteem. Seeing their hard work pay off and feeling a sense of accomplishment when completing a colouring activity boosts a child’s sense of pride, confidence and self-esteem.


  • Vocabulary and communication. Colouring can be a great talking point. Children can talk about what they can see in the picture, what colours they used and their feelings. As they proudly show off their work, they’re learning new words and beginning to associate words with pictures.


  • Shape and colour recognition. Colouring encourages recognition of both familiar and lesser-known shapes and colours, as well as giving children a chance to be creative and explore different colour combinations.


  • Focus and perseverance. Children won’t realise they are developing focus and concentration skills when they are colouring. They will learn to complete tasks regardless of the distractions around them, which will make school life much easier (for them and their teachers!).


Colouring books are great value, and the benefits that come from using them make them more than just a favourite pastime!

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