Match and Spell Game

Match and Spell Game

A fun first reading and spelling activity.

Match and Spell encourages letter recognition, teaches phonetic word building and promotes matching of pictures and words, from simple words like 'cat' to more complex four-letter words. There are two ways to play, and the game is designed for both guided and independent word building.

In the first version of the game, players must match the letter cards to the letters shown on their board in the correct order to build a word. This is a simple matching game, which is a great way to introduce letter shapes and sounds. As children get more familiar with the letter sounds, they will progress to reading the words out loud. In the more challenging version of the game, players use the blank side of their boards and use the letter cards to build the word of the picture shown. These must be placed in the correct order.

With friendly illustrations and simple gameplay that progresses as children learn, it's no surprise that Match and Spell is our bestselling language and literacy game! Match and Spell Next Steps is an excellent follow-on from this game for children aged 5 and over.


  • 12 double-sided 3 letter word boards
  • 8 double-sided 4 letter word boards
  • 68 letter cards
  • 1 instruction leaflet

Players 1-4


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Reviewed by Mark T on 01 January 2019

A good teaching aid for spelling but we were disappointed that both 'Y' and 'Z' are not unable to set up a complete alphabet or spell my grandaughter's name.

  • Rating
  • 3

Reviewed by Jeremy C on 11 March 2018

Another amazing product from Orchard Toys! My son was captivated by it the moment we got it out of the box - and his Nursery thinks he has a poor attention span. He's just over three years of age and knows the abc song. Please can the company produce more word cards.

  • Rating
  • 5

Reviewed by Kaye V on 16 January 2018


I struggle to get my 4yr old son to do his reading homework but every night, he just freezes up on me, but through the Match and Spell games, he is practising his spellings. He tries to "beat me" and finds it hilarious. He is doing brilliantly.

Please, please, please consider making extra packs for these games so we can mix it up and have new words to spell.

Can't wait to try the Magic Maths games and Tell the Time game with him.

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  • 0

Reviewed by Jane H on 10 November 2016

I always feel that learning through play is the best way to teach a young child a new skill and when my older two children learnt to read, phonics were like a foreign language to me but nowadays it's far easier with toys like Match and Spell which makes it so much easier; being a fun way to explore reading and spelling which makes my son happy to learn new things.

There are two ways to play Match and Spell, designed for both guided and independent word building – perfect for a rising 5 who has just started in Reception. In the box there are enough letter cards to fill all of the word boards – we tested it. The word boards are colourful and double sided. One side with the picture and the word, the other side with a picture and blank spaces for the letter tiles.

The object of the game is to either match the letter cards to spell the word on the board, or if the child is more proficient with their phonics, they could have a go at spelling the words out themselves on the blank side of the board. To build confidence, my son began by matching the letters whilst telling me the sound of the letter and saying the word.

After doing this a few times, he decided he had the confidence to flip the board over and attempt to spell the word himself. He chose ‘web’ to begin with and to my surprise he then attempted crab. He said the word slowly (and unprompted) a few times, then gave it a go.

I think this game is brilliant for children who are starting to learn how the phonetic alphabet can make up the sounds in words they use every day. It’s simple, yet extremely effective design is likely to build a child’s confidence quickly and encourage them to try sounding out and spelling words they see in their reading books.

Another “double thumbs up” from my mini me.

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Great confidence builder for spelling

Reviewed by Shelly on 26 September 2016

I think it is a great activity for young kids you are learning their sounds, how the sounds blend together and basic spelling. It allows them to practice these important steps over and over again, hence building their confidence.

  • Rating
  • 5

Brilliant for learning letters and spelling short words

Reviewed by Melanie Edjourian on 20 April 2016

I thought this was a lovely game and my little ones agreed. We had great fun with this game and the pieces are all very durable and wipe clean, handy when you have children.

  • Rating
  • 5

Match and Spell with Orchard Toys

Reviewed by RedPeffer on 11 April 2016

Match and Spell works on the premise of phonetic sounds and correlates with the early years foundation stage learning. As with all good games, it is a simple principle well delivered.

I liked the fact that you can turn over the word cards and encourage the next level of reading and spelling by giving children the picture only and asking them to spell the word completely independently.

Full review here:

  • Rating
  • 4

Match and Spell

Reviewed by Over40AndMumToOne on 11 April 2016

As soon as Monkey opened the box for Match and Spell he was off! He loves phonics at school and started sounding out all the letters.

When you have a more confident reader you can flip the cards over, the child just has the graphic to work from to try to spell out the word. It makes the game something that grows with the child as they develop their reading and spelling skills.

Full review here:

  • Rating
  • 4

Speech development

Reviewed by Speech Blog on 11 April 2016

This game is an early spelling game, but it has various possibilities for speech and language word development too!

One side of the cards has the word spelt out so that children can just match the letters and the other side has blank spaces so that they can spell the word out themselves. Players take turns to find a letter to go with their card. This is a simple but effective idea and there are various ways to alter the level too.

Full review:

  • Rating
  • 3

Match and Spell for beginner readers

Reviewed by The Brick House on 11 April 2016

Orchard Toys Match And Spell is not so much of a game as an activity in our house, and we think it's excellent.

Our 5 year old can now work out all of the words himself using the blank side of the cards. He loves it, he takes great pride in completing it, and it's given him some confidence to do some writing. I would recommend this game for any child at that stage.

  • Rating
  • 4

Orchard Toys Match and Spell

Reviewed by First4Dads on 13 December 2015

This is a brilliantly simple yet effective game that encourages children to practise basic letter recognition and word building in a fun uncomplicated way.

  • Rating
  • 4
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