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Buying the Perfect Christmas Gift

Buying the Perfect Gift


Shopping for the perfect Christmas present can often seem like an almost impossible task, especially when there’s so much to choose from! Whether it’s for a son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild or another child in your life, here are a few top tips to help make gift buying a little easier!


Fun for all the family 

Something that brings the whole family together and can be enjoyed by everyone is sure to be a big success.


Orchard Toys’ games offer fun, quick and simple gameplay, meaning they can be enjoyed by everyone - they’re perfect for little ones and great for adults to join in with too! ‘What a Performance’ is  guaranteed to have the whole family laughing as players race around the board completing fun actions and challenges.



Thinking outside the box is always a good idea, but when it comes to gift giving sometimes it’s best to play it safe! Ask their parents, siblings or friends what they like to make sure you can get them something they’ll enjoy, rather than just a one-time wonder!


Orchard Toys’ products feature lots of popular themes that children will love, whether it’s on the farm, fairies and pirates or outer space, there’s a game, jigsaw or colouring book for all.


Play value

The best kind of gift is a something that will be reached for time and time again that children will never get bored of, whether it’s being crammed into a suitcase to take on holiday or whether it’s for a quick game before bed! Games and jigsaws that offer repeat play are the best way to make sure you get value for money from your gift.


Shopping List has been a family favourite for 25 years. Children race to collect everything on their shopping list and fill their basket in this fun memory game – the simple gameplay and timeless theme is why this game remains so popular.


Age Appropriate

Buying a game that is age appropriate is really key to ensure it offers repeat play value and that children are stimulated by and engaged with. Children will get more enjoyment out of a game if it strikes the right balance between challenging yet rewarding; getting something age appropriate is the best way to ensure that this balance is met!


Orchard Toys’ products are carefully developed with educational professionals and are tried and tested in nurseries and schools to make sure that they are fun, engaging and age appropriate.



With an increased focus on education by society, an educational gift will always go down well with conscientious parents. Keeping education fun is important – fun games where children don’t even realise they are learning are perfect and are guaranteed to tick boxes for both parent and child!


‘Learning Made Fun’ is at the heart of everything Orchard Toys does, whether it’s practising spelling with Magic Spelling or learning about animals of the world with Where Do I Live?. Educational games are a great way to keep little minds engaged!


We hope these top tips help to take the pressure out of your Christmas Shopping!

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