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Shopping List Game

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Shopping List Game

This shopping-themed matching and memory game is our number one bestseller!

  • Orchard Toys bestselling game
  • A fun matching and memory game
  • Suitable for ages 3-7
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    Shopping List lotto game uses quick and simple gameplay which holds children's attention! Players take it in turns to turn over cards showing everyday items, from tomatoes to washing powder to pizza. If they match the pictures on their shopping list, they are encouraged to say the item out loud and add it to their trolley. Older children can play more strategically by remembering where the cards from their list have been placed. The winner is the first player to collect all the items on their list and fill their trolley or basket!

    The game features different types of quirky shopping lists, including paper ones and a tablet which children will enjoy. A great way to extend learning is to ask children to recognise the different grocery items from their list and read them aloud, both while playing the game and on a trip to the supermarket! Although the game is for 2 - 4 players, gameplay can also be extended to 6 or 8 players by adding either the 'Clothes' or 'Fruit and Veg' Extras packs for additional items and lists!


    2 shopping trolleys
    2 shopping baskets
    4 shopping lists
    32 item cards
    1 instruction leaflet

    Product information

    • Encourages DiscussionEncourages Discussion
    • Promotes Imaginative PlayPromotes Imaginative Play
    • Develops Matching and Memory SkillsDevelops Matching and Memory Skills
    • Encourages Observational SkillsEncourages Observational Skills
    • Develops Personal and Social SkillsDevelops Personal and Social Skills
    • No. 1 BestsellerNo. 1 Bestseller

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    My Daughter Loves It

    Reviewed by Amanda Walsh on 10 December 2015

    My daughter is 7, has autism and Non Verbal. We love games that encourage her to use her words. Shopping List is great for this, its a very visual game and we can encourage her to tell us the name of the items in her basket. My other children love the game too.

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    • 5

    Shopping Fun!!

    Reviewed by Kara on 01 December 2015

    My son is 2 and not a talker so I was advised to get this game. Although we don't play it in the traditional way he adores it and we have noticed improvements in his speech since we started playing it. He has to fill his trolley with items on his shopping list and say them as he puts them in!!

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    Great memory game for children

    Reviewed by Maria on 29 October 2015

    Both my boys (2 and 5) love playing this game and we love the updated version with a mobile phone shopping list too! Highly recommended.

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    • 5

    Fun but educational

    Reviewed by Jane Arschavir on 24 October 2015

    The shopping list game is such a favourite, really well made, carefully thought out, a great matching game which is small enough to be portable so you can shove it in your bag and play while you're eating out etc. They played this at school which is why I decided to buy it, but it's lots of fun and a great way to learn as well as start conversations about shopping and food etc. Great stuff from Orchard Toys!

    • Rating
    • 5

    A great first game

    Reviewed by Mummy of Two + 1 on 08 October 2015

    Although the game is aimed at children aged 3-7, we have always found that our children have been able to play much younger than this.

    We have found Shopping List to be a really good first game. The rules are simple to understand and it has helped our children with learning about turn taking and improved their memory skills. Our son, at 7, still enjoys playing this game.

    As with all of the Orchard Toys games, the quality of the playing pieces is excellent and it is fantastic value for money. We would highly recommend Shopping List to everyone!

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