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Crazy Chefs

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Crazy Chefs

Help the crazy chefs make a meal in this tasty matching game!

  • Orchard Toys bestseller
  • Teach children about different foods
  • Suitable for ages 3-7
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In this fun food-themed game, each player picks a chef board with a different recipe - from lasagne to cupcakes - and matches the ingredient cards to their board. They must then spin the spinner to get their plate and wait for their meal to cook! Who will be the first to serve up a tasty treat?

The game can be used to get children interested in cooking by talking about the different ingredients and utensils, as well as foods from around the world. The addition of the spinner turns Crazy Chefs into a game of chance to see who will cook their meal first!


5 chef boards
5 plate cards
5 meal cards
35 ingredient/utensil cards
1 spinner
1 instruction leaflet

Product information

  • Encourages DiscussionEncourages Discussion
  • Develops Matching and Memory SkillsDevelops Matching and Memory Skills
  • Encourages Observational SkillsEncourages Observational Skills
  • Develops Personal and Social SkillsDevelops Personal and Social Skills
  • Bestseller!Bestseller!

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Excellent fun

Reviewed by C Thwaites on 03 December 2014

My daughter got this as a present for her 4th Birthday and we must have played it 100 times since. It is a simple concept and works just as well for 2 players as for more. She loves it (well, as long as she wins...)

  • Rating
  • 5

Several time of super fun!

Reviewed by Sophie Laurent on 21 May 2014

My kids are 2 and 4 and they are always excited to play with us. We all played so many times! It is of course a great anniversary child gift.

  • Rating
  • 4

Made me hungry

Reviewed by Laura Campbell on 21 May 2014

A great memory game. Each player chooses a recipe they want to make and then they have to find their ingredients. Once you have all your ingredients, you use the spinner to see if you can make your dish and then serve your dish. Loved the different types of dishes such as chinese, italian and good old sheperds' pie!

  • Rating
  • 5

Spin to win

Reviewed by John on 21 May 2014

Excellent 'bingo' style game with a difference. Each player can have one of 5 different boards. Each board features a cook preparing a different meal: Pink (girl) cakes; blue (girl) shepherd's pie; red (boy) noodles; green (boy) pizza; yellow (boy) kebabs.

There are different tiles to collect to fill your board up - not only the food ingredients, but things you would need to make it (e.g potato peeler). Take it in turns to choose a tile, if it's yours, put on one of your 7 spaces. If it's someone else's, put it back (they have to watch where it goes!)

Unlike most bingo games though, the winner isn't the first person to fill their board. Once you have all your tiles, spin the spinner. First you need the arrow to land on a plate, then on your next turn you need the arrow to land on a boy or girl ready to eat. There are plate and meal tiles provided - my children refuse to stop playing until every chef has made their dish. The addition of the spinner at the end adds a random element to the game that my girls love - especially as Daddy is notoriously bad at having the arrow land where he wants it to!

  • Rating
  • 5

Really fun game

Reviewed by Miri on 21 May 2014

My older kids (2 1/2 & almost 5) absolutely love this game, it takes just the right amount of time and they don't lose interest. It combines memory skills and luck, which makes it really fun because even those who aren't quite so good at remembering yet have a chance to win. You have to collect ingredients to cook a meal and the first person to do so wins. Lots of fun & definitely educational!

  • Rating
  • 5
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