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Rockets and Comets Board Game

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Rockets and Comets Board Game

A space themed snakes and ladders game!

  • Snakes and ladders with a fun space theme
  • Fun family game
  • Suitable for ages 4-adult
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    Zoom up rockets, slide down comets and get sucked into black holes as you travel to the moon in this fun, space-themed snakes and ladders! Roll the dice and count your astronaut up the board to be the first to reach the finish, watching out for rockets and comets as you go. The game also includes an added chance element of the black hole square. If you land on a black hole, you must spin the spinner which can either take you way up the board or right down to the bottom again!

    This is an exciting game that can change very quickly based on which square you land on - especially the black hole spinner which is a real game changer! Rockets and Comets is also a great way to encourage discussion about space, such as 'What is a comet?'


    • 1 jigged playing board
    • 1 spinner
    • 4 astronaut playing pieces
    • 4 character stands
    • 1 dice
    • 1 instruction leaflet

    Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard.

    Product information

    • Encourages DiscussionEncourages Discussion
    • Develops Knowledge and UnderstandingDevelops Knowledge and Understanding
    • Develops Number and Counting SkillsDevelops Number and Counting Skills
    • Encourages Observational SkillsEncourages Observational Skills
    • Develops Personal and Social SkillsDevelops Personal and Social Skills

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    Rockets and Comets review

    Reviewed by Laura Warner on 17 September 2014

    Oscar's birthday was only a couple of weeks ago and we have always loved Orchard Toy's games but it proved to me that it was a popular brand with the other parents as Oscar received five other Orchard Toys games as gifts.

    Rockets and Comets has proved to be one of Oscar's favourite games. He had great fun over the weekend playing this with his Nanny's and Grandad's. It really teaches children to wait there turn and the easy to follow instructions meant Oscar picked up the game really quickly! It is also great for teaching children to add up numbers and to teach them the higher numbers.

    • Rating
    • 5

    Rockets and Comets - A review

    Reviewed by Mary Proctor on 17 September 2014

    Rockets and Comets is a great game for improving number recognition and counting skills. You move your astronaut the relevant number of spaces. If you land at the bottom of a rockets vapour trail you can zoom up to the rocket. If you land on a comet, youÕre not so lucky! You have to slide down to the bottom of the flame tail.

    If you land on a black hole, the spinner comes into play. Spin it around and see where it transports you. Sometimes you move up the board, sometimes you move back.

    I love the idea of jigsaw play boards, itÕs another added element to the game. Monkey can count up to 20 but not beyond that at the moment. It will be great to use this board as a teaching aid, especially when we puts the board together.

    • Rating
    • 5
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