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Toys and Games to play with your class

Hope Education

This article was guest written by Hope Education. 

Making learning fun encourages children to learn without realising it. Certain toys and crafts can make lessons more exciting and entertaining for children. It’s easier said than done, finding suitable toys and games that will help teach children can be difficult. This blog will cover some of the best ways to improve class time. 

At Hope, we come across a lot of Orchard Toys. They have some great products that could help in your classrooms. Let’s start with some of our favourite toys and games for learning while they play. Check out some of our customers’ favourites that you and your pupils will love. 

Match and Spell Next Steps - board game

This game is ideal for younger classes to learn new things and have fun simultaneously. Bringing this game in will surely lighten their moods and give you a great lesson that the children will enjoy. 

With more complex words, this game is ideal for progression for students. The Match and Spell board game is perfect for guided and independent activities in the classroom. You can also make more challenges out of this game. Children can collect images and display them in the correct order. This spelling game is great for child development.

Alphabet Lotto

Using Alphabet Lotto, you can help children with their initial phoneme recognition. This game has four ways to enjoy; children can match images, letters, or words to complete their lotto board. This game is best used in smaller groups and is ideal for developing spelling and phonics skills.

You can use this game in early years classes to improve phonics skills and alphabet knowledge. This is all done while the children are having fun and enjoying themselves while learning.

Magic Maths

Magic maths will surely help children to learn and interact during your lessons. This Magic Maths game and all Orchard Toys will help develop children’s communication and problem-solving skills. 

Magic Maths is an exciting and spellbinding game for children aged 5-7. Players take turns to solve the sums and fill their boards with yucky spell ingredients, from worm-infested cupcakes to brains and bogies! Once players have worked out the answer to the aggregate, the magic begins by turning over their card and rubbing the heat-sensitive patches to reveal if their answer is correct. 

Number of activities to do in the classroom. 

Numbers can be a challenge for a lot of children. Even more so when negative numbers are included. Visual learning is a great tool to help children better understand positive and negative numbers. We want to help children, so we have created some positive and negative number activities that you can do in the classroom.

The numbers games listed in our blog are excellent for teaching more about maths to children. Bringing some of these games into your lessons will significantly increase the maths abilities of your pupils, all while they are having fun.

We love seeing children learn and grow. That’s why we create these toys and games for fun and education. Do you use Orchard Toys products in your school? Let us know how you use them and what your favourite product is. 


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