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New, New, New

New New New


This spring we’ve have added not one, not two, but THREE  brand new lines to our range! There’s two exciting new games plus a collection of activity jigsaw puzzles. The new additions   champion ‘Learning Made Fun’, of course with an Orchard Toys twist, so that can rest assured that your child is learning as they play.


Wiggly Words is a brainteasing word game for players age 6-adult. The race is on to play all of your wiggly worm cards by joining heads with tails to spell words and build a wiggly line. This game is not without it’s Orchard Toys quirkiness; hilarious characters include a worm wearing a sombrero, a look-a-like David Bowie and even a superhero! Not only can players practise spelling words they already know, Wiggly Words is a great way to learn new words.


Dinosaur Opposites features 20 two-piece puzzles with friendly dinosaur characters to match. The chunky pieces show opposites such as ‘slow/fast’, ‘first/last, ‘smooth/bumpy’ - to name just a few! There’s lots to talk about and the friendly, prehistoric characters are sure to have children laughing – from a compsognathus weightlifting to a spinosaurus on skates, a woolly mammoth with curly hair and a diplodocus in welly boots!  


Finally, Jumble Jungle is a wild introduction to early game play, turn taking, matching and memory with an exciting twist. In this simple pairs game race to collect the most animals, but they’ll need to watch out for the Cheeky Cheetahs who could pinch their cards! Suitable for children from the age of 2-5, Jumble Jungle is the perfect first game for pre-schoolers.


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